Team FAQ’s




· There are various methods of communication that will be used.

· Our primary resource for communications for paddling the boat to practice, practices, races and events is MeetUp.

· All practices, races and events will be listed on this site.

· RSVP to all events. If your status changes, please update MeetUp accordingly. This is critical for our coach to set the boat for all practices and races.

· Remember that all of us have different levels of experience and physical abilities. Be patient with others and be supportive. We are a team!

· We love photos and videos of our team and the numerous activities we participate in. Please be respectful of the photos you would like to post. Ask permission from the individuals before posting.


· We have a dry bag for phones, wallets and car keys.

· Make sure to lock your car doors when in the parking lot and do not leave anything valuable inside.

· Whenever possible, sign up to paddle the boat over to practice. It is great exercise and good practice. Keep in mind that you must sign up for practice as well and paddling the boat to practice.

· Arrive on time in order to warm up and be ready for practice

· Cancellations due to weather will be posted on MeetUp at least one hour prior to the start of practice.

· If you are running late for the practice, contact the coach directly, and leave a message if necessary. DO NOT send a text or leave a comment on MeetUp.


· All of the races will be posted on MeetUp.

· RSVP at least 3 weeks prior to the event and race fees are due at least 3 weeks prior to the race date.

· If there are not enough team members participating we may offer seats to non-Healing Dragon members if needed to fill the boat.

· We will work with the race organizers to obtain information on hotels if lodging is necessary.

· Assistance is expected to set up and take down our tents and move equipment on the day of the race. Space under the tents is limited and reserved for paddlers only.

· Bring water, a chair and a healthy snack to share with the team. Individually wrapped or packaged fruit, protein bars, nuts, etc. are preferred.

· Team jerseys and black shorts, pants or leggings and closed toed shoes is the proper attire for the race.

· All members must be race ready, this is at the discretion of the coach.